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Jesus Light of Life


The Christmas Festival of Lights from Thanksgiving through January 4 from 5-9pm daily highlights Christ as our Light.  Click here for a list of liturgies, concerts and special events.

The Christmas Festival of Lights marks the start of a year during which the La Salette community at Attleboro invites you to celebrate Christ as the Light in our lives. Join with us throughout the year at this special place of Reconciliation, Reflection and Renewal. 

In the apparition of Our Lady of La Salette, the visionaries, Maximin and Melanie, were drawn at first by a powerful light that turned out to be the Weeping Mother who called out to them, “Come near my children”. As typical of any apparitions of Mary, the Blessed Mother always calls attention to her Son who is the “Light of Life”. The message of Mary at La Salette speaks of broken relationships of the faithful with her Son Jesus as well as lack of fervor in living out one’s faith in the Church. Our Lady draws our focus to Christ the true Light of the world that shines in the midst of the shadows of our life. It is only by embracing Christ as the “Rule of our life” that we begin to foster our relationships.  

Today, Pope Francis urges the faithful in ‘The Joy of the Gospel’ “to a renewed personal encounter with Jesus Christ”. The Missionaries of La Salette in responding to Mary’s call to reconciliation with God, oneself, others and creation and Francis’ call for a renewed encounter seek “to witness to the Kingdom of God as we seek to mend relationships in need of healing.”      

As you arrive at the Shrine grounds you are first drawn to the Chapel of Light where the   Beautiful Lady invites everyone to pray. Renewal always begins by coming home to oneself and Mary paves the way to her Son.  Throughout the year, the opportunities are here for you -   The Christmas Festival of Lights, Pilgrimages, Liturgical Services, Retreats, Days of Reflection, Spiritual Direction and more – to focus on “Jesus Light of life” (John 8:12).     

Come discover this Jesus who wants to accompany us in all our darkness and fear and lead us to Light and Life!  

Rev. Fr. Cyriac Mattathilanickal, M.S.
Shrine Director

© La Salette Shrine, 947 Park Street, Attleborough MA